All groups are located in falls church, VA. 


In one’s formative years, the death of a loved one—whether a parent, sibling, friend or significant other—can be an isolating experience.  This group brings together young adults to explore common grief reactions and potential coping strategies, discuss the impact of loss on one’s relationships and social life, and begin to navigate a life that’s forever changed.

Second Saturday of every month.

Young Widow/Widower Grief Support Group

You planned on a lifetime together, and now you’ve earned the untimely distinction of widow or widower.  This group discusses common grief reactions and paths to healing, as well as the process of re-building one’s life and sense of self after the death of a spouse or partner.

Fourth Saturday of every month.

overdose death support group

As the instances of drug overdose climb in our country, many young adults are left to grieve the loss of siblings, friends and partners.  This grief support group helps address the complexities of your loved one's substance overdose death, including complicated family dynamics, relationship strain and overwhelming feelings of guilt, blame, anger and sadness.